How to Win a Cheerleading Competition


The world of cheerleading is very competitive. It is a tough task even most experienced and skilled coaches, athletes and dance choreographers might not carry it out until the end. It is true that cheerleading is an outstanding sport that offers amazing rewards however, it comes with a great responsibility in order to prevent any risk and achieve the goal of the team – to win.

Below are the tips on winning cheerleading competitions. Pave your way towards the gold.

  • Go for try outs or auditions

Selecting the best skilled member to be part of the team would be the responsibility of the coach. As part of the job, he must organize a screening process that will determine the best people to represent the team. In any cheerleading competitions, this one is necessary.


  • Choose the best uniform and signature color for the team

An excellent cheerleading uniform can grab the attention of the crowd. Man is a visual creature and things that are pleasing to the eyes instantly captivate us. With that, the team has to have the most attractive uniform that can best describe their group. First impression is very vital to the judges so it is important that you make them amaze of the team the moment you went out of the stage to perform. The uniform plays an important role in creating a good first impression.


  • Create a leading and exhilarating cheers and chants

Cheers and chants are one of the most important components in cheerleading. For a team to win the gold, they must have the best cheers that would make the crowd sing, clap, stomp and jump with them. It should be something surprising and exciting that can create a yell in the cheerleading competition.


  • Add more breath-taking stunts and gymnasts

When it comes to stunts and gymnasts, the squad needs to have full twisting layouts that will conquer the whole stadium or field. Group tumbling would create a big impact on the audience and likely will make them floating in the air. The group must move in synchronize motion and must avoid messy layout that can create a turning point in their whole performance.


  • Do a lot of practice prior to the competition

As a popular quote says, practice makes perfect so is to cheerleading. The more you practice with the team, the more chance to win. The practice would include the entrance, the exit, and the whole routine. Practice can point out the mistakes in the routine in which the team can make adjustments and corrections. Any small hole can be filled during the practice, which can make a big change on the day of the cheerleading competition.


  • Look for the best choreographer to lead the dance and overall steps

The duty of the coach is to find the most efficient choreographer to lead the team. This can be a frustrating part for him because this may take time but in the end, it will serve its purpose. Nothing can beat a cheerleading team that has a unique and artistic way of showing their moves to the crowd.


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