5 Tips for Competitive Cheerleading


Cheerleading began with many men who are yelling organized cheers on the sidelines in a footballs game. In fact, in the Princeton student newspaper, they have been referred to as the selected yellers for the game. Through the years, cheerleading was gone from lots of men that yell encouragement from the sidelines into a serious genre of sport. Competitive cheerleading has arrived, and the cheerleaders are now among the respected athletes. While the routines of cheerleading are borrowing moves from many different styles of dancing and using elements of tumbling and gymnastics, the stunting in cheerleading has really made cheerleading unique sport.


Just as not all people will be great in basketball or football, not all people will be great in cheerleading. By the time that a girl is old enough to be getting in an all star squad, girls must already been taking gymnastics for many years, and mastered various tumbling skills. While girls are able to learn these skills in the future, it is usually harder. Moreover, there are several of other things that competitive cheerleading will need.

  1. Confidence – Cheerleaders need to feel like they are able to perform a stunt that they will be able to do it, and they are not going to fail. Confidence is a significant part of cheerleading, as it will help you in balancing in your stunts, in performing at your best, and wearing the most beautiful smile in the performance. Always be positive, and always believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself, you will succeed.
  2. Exceptional upper body strength – In competitive cheerleading, cheerleaders need to have great upper body strength both to remain stiff and to perform stunts. Cheerleading also requires talents and skills, like being able to dance as the most basic one, and you also need to have great upper body strength so you can participate in the stunts to perform cheerleading that is competitive. If you are working in this skill, you should take private lessons or you can ask a friend who is great in that skill to help you.
  3. Commitment and determination – Competitive cheerleading is requiring practice every day as well as off season conditioning and practice. Also, do not lie about having to miss a practice. Tell the truth with regards to everything to your coach, and if they are great people, they will totally understand.
  4. Remarkable physical conditioning – Cheerleaders need to be in a good cardiovascular shape. It would take so much effort to cheer, stunt, tumble, and dance to the beat of the cheerleading music.
  5. Good sportsmanship – Competitive cheerleading needs to work as a team. You should be kind. When you watch movies, you may be seeing that cheerleaders are being stuck up and rude but in reality, it is not how a cheerleader must be. If you are a competitive cheerleader, you must respect for yourself and others. Do not pick on the new guy and people who are lower than you.

Through these essentials tips for the best and competitive cheerleader, you will be able to compete with other teams with confidence and great chance of winning, as well as an effective way of cheering your football or basketball team.

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